NAICE Architekten is a young, interdisciplinary team of architects and creative minds in Berlin. Founded by Simon Kassner and Wilko Hoffmann, the firm focuses on architecture, design, and installations. 

Projects have included art and spatial installations as well as classical new construction, expansions, the renovation of landmarked building, and innovative spatial concepts for shops and medical practices. Completed projects in Berlin include a flagship store for Rapha (Performance Cycling Roadwear), a dental surgery practice, a psychotherapist’s office, a café with art exhibitions, various installations for fairs and events, and high quality residences. We are currently planning the renovation and expansion of two single-family homes, a master plan for a residential area outside Berlin with fifteen single-family homes, and an urban densification project with multi-story residential housing in Berlin Spandau. 


Simon Kassner  (Architect, Co-Founder)

Wilko Hoffmann (Architect, Co-Founder)

Abril Monserrat Alfaro (Project Architect)

Ralf Marklowski  (Project Architect)

Frieder Vogler (Junior Architect)

Jose Manuel Rodríguez López  (Intern)

NAICE architecture & design   GOERZWERK - Goerzallee 299, 14167 Berlin - Germany   info@naice.one   t:+49 (0) 30-1205356-10