Architecture / Installation

Warming Huts v.2019


Winner 2019

Winnipeg - Canada

A large white box hovers over the ice; in the box, there a peoplewalk about, bide their time, or seemingly hover over the floor. What is happening? The visitor enters a labyrinth turned upside down by way of one of the two narrow openings leading inward. Corridors snake through the body of the building and end at benches. The visitor wanders around, optically cut off from the

outside world, disoriented, and only perceives the legs and feet of other visitors. Sudden encounters bring strangers together, secret visual contacts through holes in the walls next to the

benches invite visitors to spy on their surroundings, difficult to recognize. A play involving distance and proximity.

Photography by Lindsay Reid

NAICE architecture & design   GOERZWERK - Goerzallee 299, 14167 Berlin - Germany   info@naice.one   t:+49 (0) 30-1205356-10