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Competition entry for Warminghuts Festival 2021


The Forks Portage Partnership, Winnipeg


Winnipeg, Canada



The city of Winnipeg lies in the middle of a broad, flat plain. Due to its location, there are no mountains and few elevations in the nearby area. The mountain will be built of snow cleared from the frozen river surface to free the ice skating track and collected and transported to the site. Using ice blocks and a wooden form, as a first step of construction the curved tunnels will be erected as an arch. On top of that, the snow will then be piled up and padded down. 

The mountain of snow will be as high as the snow cleared from several kilometers of the frozen river surface. The mountain will also offer additional experiences: it can be walked up, used as a vantage point or for sled riding or skiing. The project Tunnel Mountain will add an extra temporary sensation to Warming Huts: Winnipeg’s first adventure mountain on ice in the middle of the city for the winter. | +49 (0) 30-1205356-10