8Object Images

Urban art project for a science center


Juelich Forschungszentrum


Jülich, Germany


Winner, selected competition




30 m2

Charts, graphs, and diagrams are used to present and interpret the results of research, making complex content legible as a trend or development. Column and bar graphs, differentiated by using color, height, or thickness, are a common way of showing research results. 

NAICE architects propose an artwork that is similar to an oversized abstract graph, based on Ed Hawkins famous ShowYourStripes diagram, showing global warming across a period of ca 150 years. The new developed sculpture is intended to reflect the notion that scholarship and science is intended for all of us and invite visitors to direct exploration. The strong color contrast used generates a powerful impression. 

Depending on the perspective, the artwork can be seen as open and transparent or as closed and compact. In the middle of the sculpture, four rods are left out. The visitor at this point enters into the research visually and can examine the world surrounding him from the perspective of science. The visitor becomes part of the puzzle of research, evaluation, and statistics. What seems unclear with a fleeting look is now rendered clear with proximity and observation: a play with distance and the beholders’ own experience. | +49 (0) 30-1205356-10